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Magick Fuzz
Magick Fuzz

Magick Fuzz

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Magick Fuzz is a recreation of a very specific classic circuit.


It can be used for low gain applications but really shines when the volume is max for maximum results. This pedal is intended for heavy sounds and does not have sympathy for anything less. It is very loud, high in gain, thick/grindy/mid rangey depending on where you set the tone knob. It also works very well with bass and organ!


While holding roots in the heavy side of the spectrum it still manages to maintain some essential qualities. Magick Fuzz holds up the low end but high end sparkle at the same time. This helps you keep a more consistent all around sound. If you like very treble grind you can set it that way. If you wanna scoop all your treble out and sit in the back of the mix for rhythm or serious bass thump that is achievable. Or for the plagued guitarist who needs to come to the front a lot of mids are at your dirty hands via the fourth mids knob. While bringing mids into your sound it also adds a nice touch of bass, volume and a hair of gain. While you can add mids into your sound you can also scoop out much further than than the circuit originally was set for. This gives a very thin sound but can be reminiscent of old rock and roll records. Whatever your pleasure is there is enough versatility within the Magick Fuzz to satisfy many folks fuzz hunger.


It is 100% hand built in the USA by one wizard.


Controls are as follows:


Volume (Bottom Left) - Controls output level

Tone (Top Left) - Sweeps from treble to bass

Mids (Top Right) - Cut, flatten or boost the mids

Sustain (Bottom Right) - Controls the gain

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